Helping vulnerable customers

Given the nature of our profession, our adjusters can be exposed to some potentially very distressing situations.  We are always prepared to deal with the physical outcomes of a loss, but little is said about the emotional side of our jobs – so it’s fantastic when we can congratulate our colleagues for going the extra mile.

We were pleased to have received some heart-warming feedback on our Caroline Wiggins in the UK, whose attention to supporting a vulnerable customer had been noted by the family.

Caroline Wiggins

Caroline Wiggins

Knowing that burglary can be very stressful for anyone, Caroline was particularly concerned about an 87-year-old victim who had her home burgled and had lost all of her family jewellery.  The elderly lady was understandably distressed about the incident and the process to settle her claim became rather lengthy due to ailing health and hospital visits.

Caroline was complimented on her patience and excellent level of support throughout the process, with the family commenting that ‘her kindness and professionalism has been appreciated and admired by both myself and my mother.’

Fantastic work, Caroline…you are truly living our mission to restore and enhance lives, businesses and communities.

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