Crawford UK President to present at London innovation conference

Every day, new technologies and innovations emerge with the potential to transform our industry and impact not only how claims are handled but transform the types of risk that need to be insured.

At this year’s Insurance 2025, Clive Nicholls will use his claims perspective to look at today’s innovations – on-demand apps, the Internet of Things, AI, virtual reality, wearables, drones, gig economy – and how they are changing today’s claims landscape and predict how the claims sector will change over the next 5 years.

“I’m really excited to have been invited to this event,” said Clive. “Crawford is at the forefront of claims and we are seeing a big shift in our clients and their customer’s expectations.”

Clive Nicholls - 2016

Clive Nicholls,  President, UK & Ireland

“I firmly believe that claims providers that ignore these trends are taking a major risk with their future viability because these changes are already occurring and will continue with tremendous momentum. As it was recently said if you think the pace is fast now it will never be this slow again!”

Through initiatives such as partnering with Hartford InsurTech Hub, Crawford is supporting new innovations that are transforming the claims processing and insurance industry to make it faster, more responsive, and accurate. We want to accelerate our mission of restoring and enhancing lives, businesses and communities.

The Insurance 2025 conference will see an audience of 250+ insurance experts spend a full day learning the very latest about how technology is shaping the future of our insurance industry. For a look at the agenda, click here.

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