Good Mood Food Week

Crawford in Australia has prioritised employee wellbeing as one of the key areas for people development.

It’s always great to see our people come together to help to improve our every day lives.  Good Mood Food week recently saw Crawford Australia pulling together to not only promote healthier options for employee wellbeing, but also to give back and raise some money for their chosen charity, the Black Dog Institute.

The Good Mood Food initiative explores our how healthy food, exercise and keeping a positive mindset contributes to a reduction in stress and promotes a better corporate lifestyle.  Looking at what we eat, the exercise we do and the time we take for ourselves, all helps to bring a healthier outlook on life and a positive attitude.  Crawford in Australia has prioritised employee wellbeing as one of the key areas for people development, and initiatives like the Good Mood Food Week allow us to pass on key information in a fun and interactive way.

Throughout the country our offices held events, invited speakers and explored options such as personal training, nutrition, posture and life-balance.

Good Mood Food

Brisbane Office gather together for Good Mood Food Week

Melbourne and Sydney invited speakers to cover topics like ergonomic desk set-up, food and fitness and even the best use of essential oils – while in the Perth, Brisbane and Gold Coast offices employees held tea mornings, where employees brought a wide variety of imaginative and tasty healthy food options.  There were competitions for the most acclaimed Good Mood Food entry and best dressed, and the Gold Coast and Hobart offices also managed to raise over $150 for the cause.

Well done to our people in Australia who truly live our mission – to restore and enhance lives, businesses and communities.

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