Building stronger links for Contractor Connection® Australia

Pictured: Our Contractor Connection team in Australia.

Through Contractor Connection®, our trusted network of certified professional contractors, we can leverage people, process and technology to create a “Quality Focused – Performance Driven” culture for our clients.

Based in Wollongong NSW with a team also in Brisbane QLD, Contractor Connection Australia is focused primarily on supplier management and manages a portfolio of desktop claims for two of our largest key clients.

Our Contractor Connection national manager, Stuart Elliott, has recently returned from the Contractor Connection Annual Conference in the U.S.A where he discussed aligning our team with Contractor Connection colleagues in the U.S.A, Canada, U.K. and the new addition to the business in Germany.

This move further enhances the scale for the Contraction Connection global service line which is growing fast. As an indication of scale, Contractor Connection recorded

  • 6000 general and speciality contractors
  • Processing of more than 350,000 assignments
  • More than $2.5bn in total project costs annually

A quality resource

Our robust verification process provides consistent vetting to ensure the protection and security of our customers and clients. Verification of insurance and state and trade licensing are just some of the checks made on panel contractors and a contractor’s performance is measured against our 5 Star rating system which drives work allocation based on merit.

In Australia, the Contractor Connection team includes:

  • 100 active contractors across the country
  • 38 restorers coming online soon
  • Expressions of interest from new contractors on a regular basis, with vetting an ongoing process

The Australian Contractor Connection unit

Membership Services – Brittany Mazoudier is the Membership Services team leader and has four team members. The team manage all suppliers (building and restoration) including reviewing new supplier applications, credentialing as well as ongoing performance reviews, technical support and system training. They are also responsible for compiling management information that teams all around the business utilise and which are also provided to clients.

Supplier Managers are also part of the Membership Services team and deal with assessing coverage, capacity and monitoring the Star Rating service they provide.

To find out more contact Stuart Elliott, National Manager, Contractor Connection • Australia on

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