Spotlight: Peter Hermes

Every day brings new challenges and learning opportunities.

From the busy streets of Chicago, Peter Hermes was raised in a household that stressed the importance of helping others in need.  This guidance eventually led him down the path to a career at Crawford & Company® as a property adjuster with the motivation to make a difference and restore lives after a catastrophic event.

Early career

Graduating from Loyola University in Chicago with a B.A. in literature, Peter knew he wanted a career that provided him with the opportunity to make a difference.  After Hurricane Charley ripped through Florida in 2004 causing massive damage across the state, Peter decided to join one of the nation’s largest roofing companies.  This job landed him on the frontline working with impacted customers.  He quickly grew a passion for assisting others affected by catastrophic events and knew this was the career path he envisioned for himself.

Career at Crawford®

After receiving a strong recommendation from his father-in-law about advancing his career at Crawford & Company, Peter found himself as a property adjuster within Crawford Claims Services (CCS) in 2006.  His father-in-law stressed the benefits of working at Crawford® including their industry recognized training program and solid career growth opportunities.  From that point on, Peter hasn’t looked back.

Certified with several licenses including his Property Technical Certification and Associated Claims lvl. 1, Peter was quick to take advantage of the learning opportunities offered at Crawford.  He is hoping to earn the Associated Claims lvl. 2 certification later this year. When asked where he sees himself in the next 5 years, he hopes to achieve the role of national general adjuster or in a similar management role.

“The reason I enjoy working within the CCS unit at Crawford is that every day brings new challenges and learning opportunities.  And with those opportunities comes the chance to work alongside knowledgeable co-workers across a diverse clientele.” Said Peter.   “The leadership is supportive of our adjusters and provide extremely helpful feedback along with tremendous growth opportunities.”

Making the difference

Peter’s passion for helping others in need hasn’t gone unnoticed.  One of Crawford’s largest clients, The Hartford® Financial Services Group, praised Peter on his recent work performed on their claims by writing him personally.

“I want to thank you so incredibly much for your help with this difficult claim.. I hope you will send this to you supervisor so he knows how nice, patient and professional you are.  Again- knowing you are there with me makes me feel more secure about this claim. You have gone above and beyond and I sincerely appreciate you- as does my manager.”
Claim Representative
The Hartford Financial Services Group, Inc.

Exploring the unknown

As with Crawford, Peter enjoys exploring new places and tackling challenges he faces along the way.   Recently transferring from Denver, CO, Peter has made his mark in Austin, TX.  Starting with his current home, which he built himself, Peter loves to explore the vast landscape Texas provides.  From miles of desert and rugged land to sprawling city skylines, Texas isn’t short of variety offered to its residents and tourist.  Traveling alongside him is his wife of 4 years, and son.



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