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Nuffield Farming Lecture – 4 July 2018

The Nuffield Farming lecture took place recently and was attended by a host of chief executives, farmers, food producers, politicians, journalists, students and professors.  The theme for the event was Changing Food Cultures: Challenges and Opportunities for UK Agriculture, and the gathering has attracted attention from the agricultural press.

Centred around Michael Winter’s report on “Changing Food Cultures: challenges and opportunities for UK Agriculture”, the lecture gave its audience an exceptional overview of the issues connected with food and the farmer, and how our UK farmers can proactively contribute to a change in food culture, which ultimately will support better health and wellbeing.

In his report, Winter points out that there is a need to develop a clear and consistent food and farming strategy for the delivery of safe, nutritious and affordable food in the UK.  This will allow UK farmers to confidently respond to the concerns and opportunities presented by an ever-changing civil and consumer society.

He also presents the case for a robust policy to support farmers through the transition to post-Brexit agriculture and to ensure that a strong, competitive and food health-oriented industry emerges.

Rachel Marks

Rachel Marks

It’s critical that our agricultural loss adjusting team stay abreast of the changes and attitude, looking at the risks and opportunities facing the sector as a whole.  Agricultural loss adjuster, Rachel Marks attended on behalf of Crawford & Company® and summarized the central themes of the day:

“This event highlighted the uncertain future faced by UK farmers and food producers post Brexit and how the industry can now work together to respond to the opportunities and challenges of changing food cultures.  Science, research, and grants for businesses were all discussed with a view to creating more opportunities for nutritious outcomes and sustaining better wellbeing.”

To see a copy of the report click here

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