Taking the lead from the start

We believe in creating a dynamic and motivating workplace in which our younger talent can thrive.

At Crawford, we know how important it is to create a dynamic and motivating workplace in which our younger talent can thrive. The expectations of this next generation of industry leaders have changed radically and we must respond if we are to engage them for the long term.

To maintain that engagement, we are always seeking new ways to challenge them. It is about giving people the potential to grow in their roles and expand their capabilities. At Crawford, a key part of this process is creating opportunities for people to lead at an early stage in their career.

Our MBA program for emerging leaders is a prime example of how we do this. It gives our young talent the opportunity to understand what is required of them and how they can best position themselves to lead in the future.

We also encourage people to take part in industry-led leadership initiatives. Recently, Sophie Parker, a member of our marine claims team, was revealed as one of the stars of the future as part of the Chartered Insurance Institute’s (CII) New Generation Group Program 2016.

Sophie joined Crawford in 2016 and has excelled for the team on a number of fronts. Recently, the work that she and her colleagues were involved in played a big part in the New Generation Group being shortlisted for a prize at this year’s Post Magazine Claims Awards.  You can get a taste of the team’s work in this short video:

She joined over 40 extremely talented young professionals from across every part of the insurance sector on an intensive leadership-focused program. The initiative provides a fantastic platform for her to further develop the skills and abilities she will need not only to advance in her own particular career, but also to make a difference on the industry stage.

As part of the program, she has taken part in a series of activities that include meeting with regulators from the FCA to better understand the regulatory framework that supports our industry, as well as parliament and policy and public affairs experts in insurance. The initiative also involved a series of comprehensive training sessions focusing on areas such as strategic thinking and handling the media.

Sophie Gibbins

Sophie Parker

The initiative also required Sophie to team-up with her program colleagues to complete a project aimed at making a difference to the insurance profession. One previous claims project undertaken as part of the program which involved the development of a claims guide for the Home Office and the police as part of the Riot Compensation Act won multiple awards.

This has been a fantastic opportunity for Sophie and she has excelled on the program and brings a multitude of new skills and qualities to her role at Crawford. In our view, it is only by giving talented young people the opportunity to lead at this early stage that you will help create the figures that will lead at the industry level in the future.


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