Spotlight: Brooke Hill

With talent like Brooke, Crawford Claims Solutions will be unstoppable.

From an early age, Brooke Hill was a problem solver.  Whether working with her father to renovate properties during the summer, or assisting law enforcement on criminal investigations, Brooke was always focused on the challenge, eager to find the best solutions and always keen to learn more.  In fact, while training with the Douglas County Sheriff Department she won an accident investigation award, with judges praising her ability to conduct auto accident mathematical equations from memory.

Crawford, of course, provided the ideal environment for her to hone these problem-solving skills. From evaluating property and auto damage to investigating possible fraud, no two claims are ever the same. Since joining the Crawford Claims Solutions team in Atlanta in December 2015, Brooke has thrived here, not only on the claims challenges she faces daily, but also from the continuous training opportunities Crawford provides that have helped her achieve both personal and career growth.

A day in the life

Brooke is a multi-line adjuster at Crawford. Like many, her first task of the day is to check emails and return calls – but that’s where most of the similarities end. A jam-packed schedule means she must meticulously plan her appointments for the week, from claim assessments to scheduling appraisals and repairs.

Data gathering is critical to the claims process, so Brooke spends much of her working day conducting site visits on claim requests to get a full understanding of the loss. That often requires taking photos, gathering evidence and recording statements depending on the nature of the incident.  Technology is a key part of the adjuster’s arsenal and Brooke uses her Crawford-issued mobile device to enter claim data and photos, allowing for real-time status reports that she can provide to the client.

The day ends back at the office, where Brooke wraps things up by finalizing client reports.

Making the difference

Brooke’s work ethic and dedication haven’t gone unnoticed.  Recently, a Crawford client praised the quality of her work in an email:

“As we discussed on the phone just now, this is a new assignment that I want you to handle.  You did excellent work on the last assignment you handled for me with this insured, and I am very eager to assign you more matters.”

Brooke’s commitment to her job is also recognized by leadership at Crawford with Kieran Rigby, global president, Crawford Claims Solutions commenting “Brooke makes a difference and her approach and commitment underpins our mission to restore lives, businesses and communities. It is little surprise that clients request her by name and if we achieve that across our organization we will be unstoppable.”

Getting the balance right

Brooke Hill 2

Brooke pursuing her hobby

At Crawford, we’re committed to ensuring that our employees get the work / life balance right. When Brooke isn’t focusing on solving claims for our clients, she’s focused on the track ahead.

She spends much of her free time working with her husband to modify cars for the drifting circuit.  In fact, their passion for the sport is so strong that they even spent their honeymoon in Japan attending drifting events.


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