Testing Crawford’s Global Reach

We often shout about how far and wide we can reach with our global network of adjusters; but this past month that assertion was really put to the test. In order to assess a claim, Leanne Johnson – Darwin Branch Manager, had to make the long trip to the remote Australian territory, Christmas Island.

Spectacularly beautiful and remote, Christmas Island has a small local population of around 800 people, with the remaining residents comprising of fly-in fly-out workers and detainees at the infamous Detention Centre. Life on the island can be isolated with a general lack of services, and deliveries to the island are only made every eight weeks (and can be delayed up to three months).

Travelling to the island was the first hurdle. Leanne had to make the trip from Darwin to Perth on a Monday and then on to Christmas Island on the Tuesday, catching a flight that only goes to the island from mainland Australia once a week.

This also meant that Leanne had to remain on the island until Saturday, flying back into Darwin on Sunday on the only flight out.

Whilst on the island, Leanne inspected two further claims for organisations that supply vital services and infrastructure on the island.

One claim related to the inspection of pipe work and infrastructure damaged as a result of Tropical Cyclone Dahlia, which passed through the region in November 2017 and left a path of damage in its wake. The spectacular surroundings and landscape made for an interesting assessment.

Leanne’s visit involved a small walk through the forest, whilst picking a way through hundreds of the Christmas Island red crabs, a species endemic to the island and neighbouring Cocos Islands. Whilst on the island, Leanne was also shown the robber crab, the largest living land arthropod in the world!

Leanne is just one of many Crawford claims professionals who not only manage claims with proficiency and technical expertise but also with empathy.  That’s our mission: restoring and enhancing lives, businesses and communities.

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