Crawford pledges to help women achieve ambition

International Women’s Day 2018

Diversity comes in many forms – in thought, culture, gender, age, ethnicity, experience and it is our goal at Crawford to create an organization that challenges the status quo, celebrating diversity in the fullest possible way.” explains Harsha V Agadi, president and chief executive officer, on International Women’s Day.

As the world’s largest publicly listed independent provider of claims management solutions, diversity is a key focus of our culture to foster innovation, collaboration and new ideas. The organization works hard to support women and their career development at every level of the organization.

Crawford recognizes however, that gender parity is an industry-wide problem and women remain a minority group particularly in executive and management ranks, across the global insurance industry and while improvements are being made within the sector, we still have work to do collectively.

In 2018, Crawford launched a global high impact Leadership Exploration and Development program to help our women employees successfully achieve their career and growth goals, enable them to break through barriers that have frequently impeded women’s career development and empower them to gain higher credibility as a woman leader.

Crawford leaders are also acting as mentors to support our diversity goals and are focused on providing advice and support to our employees as they develop leadership skills and their future careers. One of the Crawford mentors, Rohit Verma, global chief operating officer, has found the program to be hugely rewarding. “Mentoring the talented people within Crawford and helping them develop their own skills, strategies and capability so that they can achieve their full potential has been a rewarding experience for me.”

Initiatives such as these, delivered on a global scale, demonstrate how committed Crawford is to driving diversity and support this year’s International Women’s Day theme to press for progress with gender parity and to think, act and be gender inclusive at all times.

To find out about the world of opportunities at Crawford, research our current vacancies and contact us on for details of our graduate programs.

Further reading
Some of our women leaders discuss International Women’s Day:

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