Day 1: Crawford 2018 CAT Conference

CAT adjusters can be rock stars

Hundreds of CAT adjusters from across the U.S gathered in San Antonio for day one of the annual Crawford CAT Conference yesterday. Day one is always a busy day as we set the scene for a lively exchange of ideas and experiences from the recent hurricane and wildfire season.

Ken Tolson, president, U.S. Crawford Claims Solutions, kicked the day off and thanked the CAT adjusters for all their hard work at the end of last year.  The hurricane and wildfire events highlighted the importance of performance and Ken said, “customer service is the key to excellence” and, “the better you perform then the more opportunities within Crawford.”

Bud Trice, vice president, and Ken introduced delegates to our new global values RESTORE which are being rolled out across the entire Crawford group.

R: Respect
One Crawford
Entrepreneurial Spirit

Bud was passionate for delegates to be on board with the One Crawford value as working together is key to our success – bringing everyone together at the CAT Conference to hear about the latest cutting-edge technology; to share insights into how to restore and enhance lives, businesses and communities; and to discuss solutions to further speed up claims processes during a CAT situation will help us break new ground in the claim sector.

Bud was also keen to recognize the work of the CAT adjusters and closed his session with, “If you follow the RESTORE values then you can be a rock star of the adjusting world.”


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