Making a difference in Australia

Throughout the world, Crawford & Company actively supports community and charity initiatives as part of our corporate social responsibility objectives.  Throughout 2017, our operation in Australia has shown exceptional dedication to a variety of workplace giving initiatives, supporting charities that really make a difference to people living in crisis.

Bruno Quintal, national human resources manager, Australia at Crawford said “I believe organisations need to support and give back to the local communities or industries in which they operate. At Crawford, our mission is to restore and enhance lives, businesses and communities, and it’s important that our employees embrace this and look to support the lives and communities that co-exist around us.”

Over 3 million Australians are living with mental health issues, affecting over 20% of adults every year. beyondblue is a charity set up to support people who are suffering or affected by depression, anxiety and suicide.  The Australian teams have lent their own support, raising $1,597.55 to help beyondblue on our Global Day of Service – officially the highest amount Crawford Australia has ever raised!

In the same vein, they also donated $585.55 to assist the critical service provided by Lifeline, a 24-hour crisis counselling and suicide prevention service.

Alongside the money raised for charity this year, several offices also took part in donating toiletries, amenity kits, cosmetic and make-up samples to help the ‘Every Little Bit Helps’ campaign.

The team’s generous donations will go to making up care packages which are distributed to the homeless, asylum seekers and victims of domestic violence, as well as troubled youths through Women’s Refuge, Homeless Shelters, Youth Centres, Asylum Centres and Community Centres and via small Government and Community Groups.

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