Crawford® winning female high performers

Crawford & Company® Germany managing director Andrea Fregona has been nominated in the prestigious Business Insurance CLM Women to Watch Awards.

Before the award winners are celebrated on November 17, ClaimsWorld® caught up with Andrea to discuss her working life and to find out why she thinks Crawford® is leading the way as a flexible organisation that others can follow.

“I’m still very often the only woman in the room, at a meeting,” admits Andrea Fregona, who became Crawford Germany’s managing director in February 2017. “Things are changing and I’m very glad to work at a company that values diversity and inclusion and to have been responsible for some successful developments here at Crawford that are allowing more women to reach senior positions.”

Andrea’s achievements are plentiful, with commercial success and leadership amongst the many reasons why she has been nominated in the 2017 Women to Watch Awards.

However it is for her work in building a flexible, academy-based training programme at Crawford that she is most proud. “I created and implemented Germany’s Crawford Claims Academy,” she says. “This initiative trains and educates employees and contractors, and is also a source of education for client employees. Alongside a general program of various insurance related training courses, the academy also offers special and continuing training programs for industry experts who wish to further their career.

Working mothers

Andrea Fregona

Fregona: “I wanted to support the academy’s provision for working mothers”

“In particular I wanted to support the academy’s provision for working mothers,” she continues. “The training provided by the Crawford Claims Academy allows insurance professionals who are also new mothers the opportunity to refresh their knowledge in a customised way as preparation for their re-entry into professional life.”

Over the course of her time at Crawford, Andrea was also responsible for implementing the company’s field adjuster network, which has also delivered more and greater opportunities for women to enter or re-enter the profession after motherhood.

“Because of our success, the number of women in leading roles within Crawford Germany has increased significantly over recent years,” adds Andrea. “With the implementation of the field adjuster network business model, many women with children have been able to work part-time and balance their role as mothers with active careers. I’d like to say that Crawford itself has played a leading role in making this happen. Speaking of Germany specifically, this is a highly flexible organization and initiatives like the Crawford Claims Academy have shown many of our clients a new way to look at giving women the opportunities they deserve. The insurance sector has far more women than ever, but we cannot keep allowing a generation of women to leave the industry, sometimes never to return, because they become mothers; all of the investment in their education and training would be totally wasted otherwise and we will lose our talented and high performing people.”

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