FERMA Forum 2017: Risk managers to discover future of claims after ‘4th Industrial Revolution’

Crawford & Company® has begun preparations for the FERMA Forum, where it will reveal the claims professional’s evolving role after the ‘4th Industrial Revolution’.

With the risk management community keen to stay ahead of the emerging challenges it faces, the FERMA theme for Crawford® is a reflection of where corporates find themselves in 2017.

Rohit Verma

Verma: “At the forefront of emerging digital risks”

Rohit Verma, global chief operating officer at Crawford will be attending Europe’s largest risk management event. He explained:

“The 4th Industrial Revolution was a term coined at the World Economic Forum in 2016, which broadly describes the impact of the digital / technological age in which we find ourselves today. Risk managers are right at the center of this, preparing for and reacting to new threats and opportunities.

“This revolution brings a new set of risks and complexities into the world of claims.  Our mission is to restore lives, businesses and communities following an unexpected loss.  As we look to the future we expect to work with carriers and risk managers to bring greater transparency into the future of claims and emerging risks.  We are continuing to invest in our business to be at the forefront of these emerging digital risks which includes tools such a scenario planning, incident planning and network response.”

Crawford vice president of global markets, Rianne Baumann, will present at the FERMA conference on the 4th Industrial Revolution and how it will change and impact life, alongside Lex Baugh – president, liability and financial lines at AIG Commercial Insurance, Sabrina Hartusch, global head of insurance at clothing retailer Triumph and Maurizio Micale, corporate ERM & insurance director at the smartphone technology specialists, ST Microelectronics.

Click here for more information on Crawford at FERMA.

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