Crawford® features in nationwide disaster preparedness campaign

The campaign included a number of celebrity stories including from Save the Children Campaigner Dakota Fanning, who spoke to the importance of disaster preparedness after seeing the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina

A new campaign launched this week, with Crawford & Company® helping to bring awareness and education on the importance of disaster preparedness.

The MediaPlanet Disaster Prep & Recovery campaign featured in a major supplement in USA TODAY, focusing on how the general public, families and businesses can become better prepared to handle all types of disaster events.

Kenneth Tolson

Tolson: “Message from Crawford is clear”

Ken Tolson, Crawford U.S. Property & Casualty CEO, was amongst the campaign’s contributors. He explained: “It’s great that a national publisher should bring such an important issue to people’s homes across the United States. The message from Crawford is clear: A defined business continuity plan, combined with proper insurance coverage, is essential in impacting successful recovery following a disaster.”

Alongside Ken’s advice are the views of a wide range of celebrities including stars of big and small screens who have been supporting initiatives focused on making homes and families more resilient when disaster strikes.

Actress Dakota Fanning spoke of her feelings as a ten year old after Hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans in 2005. She had been filming in the area just one year before. “As I was watching the news coverage from the safety of my home, I couldn’t help but wonder ‘What if?’” Fanning said. “What if Katrina struck when I was there? What if I got separated from my family and left on my own? I was just a kid.”

The MediaPlanet campaign was distributed through USA TODAY on September 26th 2017 and is published online. For the full campaign, visit:


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