Crawford Canada launches 360° Claims Evolution

Crawford Canada has launched 360 Claims Evolution at RIMS Canada

Crawford & Company® Canada has launched 360° Claims Evolution, in response to and in anticipation of emerging risks from the corporate and insurance market.

Announced in advance of the RIMS Canada conference on 24 September, Crawford 360° is a fully integrated claims management solution combining digital innovation with enhanced service plug-ins, progressing a file through each phase of the claims cycle.

Pat Van Bakel, president and CEO, Crawford® (Canada), explained:

“The demands of corporate insureds and carriers alike for appropriate expertise during the claims process mean that we must constantly innovate.”

“Crawford’s range of in-house services and IT capabilities enable us to provide unique and enhanced service solutions that address both the current and future needs of our clients, regardless of the size or complexity of the loss or event.”

With the development of some very unique services, such as Global Technical Services®, Contractor Connection®, and Origin & Cause combined with the expansion of our insurance technology service solutions through Crawford iQ®,ClaimsALERT™, Crawford Compliance™ and WeGoLook®, Crawford’s capabilities have been developed to exceed those of the traditional independent adjusting firm.

“Our seamless, full-service claims management solution expedites the claims process through leveraging the appropriate experts, use of assessment and risk mitigation tools, data management and analytics capabilities and professional expertise,” added Van Bakel.

“Crawford’s portfolio of services is offered to our clients as a simplified, all-inclusive service solution to enhance the overall claims experience. We are really looking forward to RIMS Canada and taking questions from the market about how Crawford 360° differentiates from the competition. In the meantime, we’re inviting customers always to reach out to any of our service solution consultants to find out how we can help you.”

Gary Gardner
Senior Vice President, Global Client Development
Tel: 416-957-5019

Sandra Buckberrough
Vice President Sales, National Account Executive
Tel: 416-957-5061

Silvana Facciolo
Vice President, Corporate Accounts
Tel: 416-957-5023

Sheri Martinello
Vice President, London Markets US & Canada
Tel: 416-957-5018

Kelly Albert
National Account Executive (Western Canada)
Tel: 403-536-3695

Eric Harvey
Account Executive (Quebec) / Responsable de compte (Québec)

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