Crawford deploys full resources for Hurricane Irma response

Boats destroyed off the Florida coastline after Hurricane Irma, September 7th 2017

Crawford Catastrophe Services® has updated clients on a daily basis after Hurricane Irma passed through the Caribbean, Florida and the south eastern United States.

(Re)insurers, corporates and policyholders have been advised to monitor Crawford’s Catastrophe Response web site for further information, with teams now being initially deployed from the group’s Atlanta Induction Centre which will transition to Jacksonville very shortly.

Although less damaging than originally feared, Irma still generated substantial losses in Florida, with the Keys worst affected of all, Jacksonville enduring its worst flooding since 1864, storm surges affecting Charleston, SC and parts of Georgia left without power following damaging storm force winds,

Crawford U.S. Property & Casualty CEO, Ken Tolson, said “Last month we set up an induction centre in Austin, TX after Harvey. We’ve done the same in Atlanta for Irma with our central induction centres forming the backbone of the Crawford Catastrophe response, from which we deploy hundreds of experts around the region.

“In addition, Crawford has been able to call upon the WeGoLook® network of Lookers® which are being used to gauge the size and scope of loss in many areas. Finally, drones have been utilised on a wide basis, to help us survey damage in many of the more hard to reach areas.

For assistance with Hurricane Irma, Hurricane Harvey or other catastrophic events, contact our 24-hour ClaimsAlert® call center at +1-877-346-0300.

United States

Crawford ClaimsAlert (24-hour claims intake)

T: 1-877-346-0300

Fax: 1-678-937-8300

Thomas Carstens – Property Director – US Services

T: 404-300-0272

Kenneth Tolson

CEO – US Property & Casualty US Services

T: 404-300-1206

Terry Hunt – Senior Vice President Global Technical Services

T: 714-528-0527

Beverly Trice – Vice President CAT Operations – Crawford Catastrophe Services

T: 404-300-1203

Joseph Weber-National Director-Vehicle Services

T: 404.497.6810


Benedict Burke – Chief Client Officer, International

T: +44 207 265 4041

Richard Day – Vice President, Lloyd’s & London Market

T: +44 207 265 4014

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  1. Are you looking to train & hire new adjusters at this time?


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