Getting to know our new Global COO

“We have a tremendous market opportunity ahead.”

Rohit Verma’s appointment as global chief operating officer at Crawford & Company® was announced at the end of June and he has hit the ground running. ClaimsWorld® took time out of his schedule to discuss his experiences so far and his aspirations for the business.

Having spent several years in senior management at Zurich North America, Rohit Verma has come to Crawford armed with a unique customer perspective.

“I was inspired by the opportunity to make a difference to the most critical aspect of the insurance industry – claims,” he says. “I couldn’t think of a better place to make that happen than at Crawford®.”

Rohit has assumed responsibility for a wide portfolio encompassing strategic, operational and financial oversight for all lines of service, as well as the company’s IT division. As one may expect, his immediate priority has been to meet and greet clients as well as colleagues during his first few weeks in the role.

“I have been particularly excited to meet as many of my new Crawford colleagues as I could in very short order. So far this has taken me to a variety of sites in North America beginning with Atlanta and also including our Schaumburg, Illinois service center, the headquarters of WeGoLook® in Oklahoma City and a claims office in Toronto.

“I have been impressed with our global capabilities, the passion of the board, the executive team and their commitment to our collective success,” he adds. “Across the company I have found employees with decades of knowledge who are mentoring our younger generation of claims professionals. Very few companies in this world can boast of such depth.”
Now, following Crawford’s Q2 earnings call on 9 August, Rohit reveals his trio of top priorities.

“I’m currently working with the global executive management team on three projects. First, we are finalizing a global organization strategy so we are best aligned to our clients and able to pivot quickly to address changing and emerging needs. Secondly, we’re working on the company’s long term growth strategy which includes elements of people, customers, product offerings and technology. Finally, we’re reviewing our recent employee pulse survey results and reporting back to colleagues on the results – our strengths and our opportunities for improvement.”

To sum up his aspirations, Rohit says Crawford has “a tremendous market opportunity ahead.”

“We have a long and rich history, a portfolio of brands that are well recognized, and an industry which is ready to embrace new technology and processes to improve claims cycle times. I am confident we will continue to grow profitably and maintain our position as a trusted partner to our clients. No question, it takes teamwork, grit, passion, relentless execution of our fundamentals and maniacal customer focus. All things that are well within our control.”


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