“Seasoned campaigner” Burke gives thanks for British Insurance Award

“Benedict’s selfless contribution to the industry has brought him this recognition,” Kieran Rigby; President International Operations, Crawford & Company

The 2017 British Insurance Awards Ceremony, Royal Albert Hall, London - Copyright Post Magazine

Crawford & Company International executive Benedict Burke has thanked colleagues and clients for their kind wishes after he was honoured at last week’s British Insurance Awards.

Burke, who is chief client officer for Crawford’s international operations, received the “Insurance Personality of the Year” prize at the BIA 2017 ceremony at London’s Royal Albert Hall in front of more than 2,000 insurance industry peers and colleagues.

Congratulations have flooded into Crawford’s linkedin page and Kieran Rigby, President, International Operations, said the prize was richly deserved.

Insurance Personality of the Year

Left to right: Rob Beckett (comedian and host), Benedict Burke and Ron Atkinson, from the award sponsors, KeyChoice

“Few individuals are more passionate about our industry,” said Kieran Rigby, president, international operations at Crawford & Company. “Benedict’s entire career has been in the claims sector, helping build successful relationships in a dynamic global marketplace, always ensuring we remain relevant to our customers’ evolving needs. I believe, however, that it’s his selfless contribution to the industry that brings him this recognition.”

During his term as president of the Chartered Institute of Loss Adjusters (CILA), Benedict worked tirelessly to advance new programs, including a diversity initiative, where he helped create CILA’s first ever diversity and inclusion charter.

He also presented a public face for the insurance claims sector during
challenging times for policyholders. In 2015 and 2016, he attended town hall meetings as CILA president to help people understand what was happening to their properties after major events like the flooding in Cumbria.

Burke also promoted the essential work by Flood Re, a levy and pool system in the United Kingdom, which at the time was fighting negative publicity over fears some homes would become uninsurable.

“Conscious that his work was not only to stand up for our industry but to listen to customers, Benedict took what he learned and presented it to members of Parliament,” said Rigby.

A seasoned campaigner, Burke also champions another important cause affecting society. In 2017, he played a key part in the creation of Insurance United Against Dementia, which is working to raise £10m for the Alzheimer’s Society, with the goal of curing this debilitating condition.

“Speaking on behalf of everyone at Crawford & Company, I congratulate Benedict on this welldeserved award for his positive contributions to the industry,” said Harsha V. Agadi, president and CEO of Crawford & Company. “Benedict has the unique ability to look at any scenario through the eyes of our clients and their policyholders, and I often ask colleagues to confer with him in order to make sure our services will meet the expectations of these key groups.”

Benedict commented that he is extremely humbled at receiving the award.

“I never forget that as claims professionals we are here to help people and businesses. It underlines everything I do. However, I also want to thank my many colleagues and friends at Crawford for their support over the years who have enabled me to enjoy such a wonderful, fulfilling career.”

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