Crawford women ‘Bold for Change’ on International Women’s Day 2017

Crawford & Company® is once again celebrating International Women’s Day, with a continuing focus on its female leaders in keeping with the 2017 theme “Be Bold for Change”.

In what is historically a male dominated profession, Crawford is glad to count a number of leading women at the helm of its businesses, who alongside many rising stars are helping to make the insurance industry a more inclusive and diverse sector.

ClaimsWorld asked a trio of female executives one question: What does it mean to be a woman in the sector today?

Danielle Lisenbey, EVP and CEO, Broadspire

Danielle is based in Atlanta and has worked within the industry for more than 20 years. As head of Broadspire, her goal in managing this leading TPA is to be the number one choice

Danielle Lisenbey.jpg

Danielle Lisenbey

for companies seeking claim and medical management services to help increase their employee productivity and contain costs.

Lynn Cufley, Marketing and Communications Director, International Operations

Lynn is based in London and has worked in claims for more than 20 years. She has supported numerous well-known brands with their communications and PR efforts and is a much loved name both here at Crawford and within the media.

Bonnie Sawdey, SVP and Chief People Officer, Human Resources

Bonnie is based in Atlanta and began her career with Crawford in 1989. She is responsible for all aspects of corporate human resources including talent management, employee relations, benefits and compensation design and administration.

What does it mean to be a woman in the insurance industry in 2017?

Danielle: “In terms of whether being a woman offers any unique perspectives at Crawford, I think it creates diversity and inclusion in and of itself. Each leader has his or her own unique skills and attributes that they bring to the organization, but sometimes businesses can become like echo chambers in which we only listen to what we want to hear from people who are just like ourselves. This can create a stale environment. Bringing diversity and inclusion to the table fosters a creative and innovative environment.”

Bonnie: “I have been at Crawford for 25 years and I have seen the insurance industry

Bonnie Sawdey.jpg

Bonnie Sawdey

change over the years.  It has become more attractive to women because they can now see that a clear career path and progression is available.  There is no place in modern business for an individual’s gender to be a deciding factor in whether she is able to advance and I am proud that Crawford has so many influential female leaders.


To succeed today it is important to have an in-depth knowledge of your subject matter.  Take time when joining the industry to gain as much knowledge and experience as possible – this background will be invaluable when climbing the career ladder.”

Lynn Cufley - Preferred 2016.jpg

Lynn Cufley

Lynn: “There is still a long way to go and this year’s theme ‘Be Bold for Change’ is the right sort of message. Women and men need to be brave enough to recognise that diversity has not been achieved yet. We have so many great leaders in this firm, not least Danielle and Bonnie, but more recently powerful figures joining the business like Robin Smith, CEO and founder of our on demand inspections business WeGoLook. We also need to nurture rising stars and be bold as a business to promote more women to leading roles.”


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