Crawford Global Technical Services® expands in Australia

Sydney: Crawford & Company Global Technical Services has expanded its capability in Australasia

Reinsurers and corporates in Australia and New Zealand with large and complex loss requirements stand to benefit from a trio of new appointments at Crawford Global Technical Services®.

Experts in large and complex loss, construction, power, energy, and engineering have been added to enhance the Crawford GTS® offering, which supports clients across the region on many of the highest-profile property and casualty claims.

John Moon has been appointed as Head for Large and Complex Loss, George Bejjani for Construction and Alex Radcliffe to cover Power, Energy & Engineering.

Sydney: Crawford & Company Global Technical Services has expanded its capability in Australasia: *Picture Credit

Sydney: Crawford & Company Global Technical Services has expanded its capability in Australasia: *Picture Credit

“GTS™ is Crawford & Company®’s definitive solution for large, complex and specialty claims, providing market-leading capability and the industry’s largest network to strategically manage such losses around the globe,” said Martin Miller, director and national head of Crawford GTS, Australia.

“We are defined by the quality of our expertise. John, George, and Alex bring an added dimension to the Crawford GTS service in the Australasia region. Our GTS teams are organised by key industry segments and focus on the specifics of those particular businesses, and we’re delighted to have these experts on board,” Martin added.

When major insurance claims events occur, the risk and insurance community needs help from experts with the right skill set. Crawford GTS adjusters handle some of the highest-profile claims in the world.

“The GTS Major & Complex Loss Team in Australasia manages catastrophic and complex claims, as well as high-value property and casualty claims across many sectors,” John explained. “Our global network operates from 144 locations and delivers a managed response and expertise of nearly 500 of the world’s most experienced adjusters and industry specialists.”

Evaluating the scope, assessing short- and long-term costs, and answering questions related to rebuilding or restoring demands the highest levels of skill and experience. “The GTS Construction team includes adjusters who have managed losses on a long list of major construction projects in virtually every part of the world,” George said. “They possess professional qualifications in areas such as accountancy, architecture, building, engineering, law, and surveying. We offer the security and confidence that every aspect of large losses will be planned and executed at the highest levels of industry, technical, and regulatory standards.”

In the Power, Energy & Engineering field, Alex said, “This industry faces significant threats, such as terrorism, natural disasters, and regional power failures. Speed, experience, and expertise are critical to achieving high-grade claims outcomes. The GTS Power, Energy & Engineering management team has the experience to manage teams of experts, lawyers, environmental, forensic, and regulatory consultants.”

GTS Provides a Comprehensive Solution

All members of the Crawford GTS divisions work together to provide the insurance industry with seamless results. “Our multi-disciplinary approach eliminates double handling, shortens claim lifecycles, improves overall customer experience, and provides clients with substantial cost savings,” Martin added.

Martin Miller of GTS Australia

Martin Miller of GTS Australia

Crawford Forensic Accounting Services® (CFAS™) augments the GTS brand. Miller, who is s forensic accounting expert and also CFAS division head, said, “Whatever the size of the business, or however complex the loss, CFAS has the expertise and depth of knowledge to offer an effective response to all financial risk claims. Our accountants possess strong commercial knowledge combined with deep forensic insight.” CFAS Australia employs 16 dedicated accountants with backgrounds in forensic accounting, insolvency, auditing, and management accounting.

Finally, Crawford GTS Liability Services, led by Division Head Derham Daymond, completes the GTS solution in Australia.

“This division has extensive knowledge and experience of all classes of liability claims across a wide range of business sectors, including manufacturing, service providers, professional bodies, construction, mining, education, and retail,” Derham said. “Crawford liability specialists possess the core competencies to carry out detailed enquiries, obtain the required documentation, and ensure comprehensive evidence is obtained quickly and efficiently. Information is carefully distilled into coherent advice regarding causation, liability, indemnity, quantum, and recovery.”

*Picture credit:By Diliff (Wikimedia Commons) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons

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