Buon Appetito! Crawford® Italy Shares Mouthwatering Recipes

Italian Cook Book features diverse, delicious dishes

Over the next few months, Crawford & Company®’s Instagram (Crawford_instant) and @crawford_news Twitter feeds may feature a little more food-related content than usual. Why?

We believe when you instruct a Crawford® specialist, you should always be able to rely on our local expertise. Therefore, when more than 70 of our Italian colleagues have a confirmed passion for their country’s wonderful cuisine, it stands to reason that when not helping customers, the kitchen is rarely far from their minds.

Having reached this conclusion, Crawford Italy made a departure from the norm and has presented its first-ever Italian Cook Bookitaliancookbook

Between our offices in Milan and Rome, we collected a long list of 60-plus recipes and selected 29 of the very best, just for you.

Paul Ogni, country manager for Crawford Italy explained, “This book is the fruit of an idea I had in December 2015 on a flight back from London. I was considering an appropriate, personal gift for our clients for the following year that would reflect the Italian nature of our business and would involve the whole company. I quickly found myself thinking we should prepare a book of recipes suggested by Crawford Italy employees.

It is well known that Italians are passionate about food. “Food can dominate entire conversations as friends and colleagues swap stories of last night’s meal,” Paul said. “No detail is left out, including precise descriptions of how the dish was prepared, cooked, and presented.

“It is no exaggeration to say that cuisine is a fundamental part of Italian culture. Italian cuisine is the best in the world. A happy coincidence of sun, sea, and culture provides Italy with a rich basket of fresh, locally produced ingredients from which to choose. Add a large spoonful of Italian inventiveness and a sprinkling of regional competitiveness, and you get an incredibly wide variety of wonderful dishes. Italian cuisine varies greatly from region to region, and we have tried to provide a wide geographical selection from throughout the Italian peninsula and islands.”

Recipes in the Italian Cook Book include the Crawford employee’s name, title, and photograph of the featured dish. Each cook prepared his or her dish at home and then took a photograph—making each recipe more appealing.

Italy is comprised of 20 regions—each with its own distinct cuisine and renown dishes. Many regions are represented with recipes as diverse as Pizzoccheri Valellinesi (from the Valtelina mountain region of Lombardy in the far North) to Tiella Barese (from the city of Bari in Apulia region in the deep South).

mediteranean“We have included recipes with fish, meat, and also several vegetarian options,” Paul said. “We have provided modern recipes alongside the traditional ones. Traditional dishes are easily identified by the region, which is listed right next to the recipe’s name.”

Buon appetito!


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