Crawford & Company® and WeGoLook®: We’re Stronger Together

by Ken Fraser, executive vice president and chief strategic and development officer

It is my pleasure to tell you more about the great news that Crawford & Company® announced last week. For those of you who haven’t heard, Crawford® acquired 85 percent of the membership interests of WeGoLookSM (WGLSM), an on-demand field inspection and verification service provider.

Ken Fraser

Ken Fraser; EVP, Crawford Innovative Ventures LLC

This new alliance signals a remarkable shift in Crawford’s strategic position in the market, and it is a monumental first step in our efforts to radically change the claims industry. As the EVP of Crawford Innovative Ventures LLC, a new arm of Crawford focused solely on this goal, I have been tasked with leading the business in a completely new direction, one that will revolutionize the claims handling process with the latest technology.

The partnership between Crawford and WGL will do just that, and it is merely the beginning. I have never been more enthusiastic and confident about Crawford’s ability to provide the most outstanding customer service in the industry and the most sophisticated claims handling solutions to its clients.

So what makes this allegiance so groundbreaking? Simply put, the entire claims management process will be faster, more streamlined, and more economical than ever. We are, indeed, stronger together. Here is an overview of the key features:

On-Demand Claims Response—WGL’s network of 30,000 Lookers® are local, on-call, and ready to be dispatched to initiate a claim at any time. This expedites the claim process overall, helping adjusters complete their jobs more quickly so that policyholders can return to normal as soon as possible.

Integrated Data Capture—Crawford will leverage WGL’s mobile platform in order to securely collect data surrounding the claim and then automate data consolidation for the next phase of the claims process. Crawford will now have the most cohesive, modern workflow in the industry.

Better, More Customized Service—By combining the reach of the on-demand workforce with the advanced capabilities of the mobile platform, policyholders receive faster, better-quality service at a reduced cost.

Perhaps most importantly, the Crawford-WGL partnership is a sign of growth with endless possibilities. The gig economy is changing the way we all work and conduct business, and it’s critical that Crawford adapts to this change in order to remain a leader in the industry. I believe that the addition of the mobile workforce is not only the key to adding yet another level of excellent customer service to our existing offerings, but it will also increase the volume of claims that Crawford will see coming through its operations. Ultimately, my goal is to see this innovation incorporated globally and for Crawford-WGL to continue to seek new ways to improve and expand our services with new, cutting-edge technology.

Stay tuned for more good news, more growth, and more innovation.

For more information about Crawford & Company, WGL or Crawford Innovative Ventures, LLC, contact us at

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