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Mike Campbell-Pitt

Technology Claim Specialist: The Right Expertise Critical in an Ever-Evolving Sector

Editor’s Note: This is the tenth post in an ongoing series featuring just a few of our many adjuster specialists who comprise Crawford Global Technical Services® (GTS™). This month, Mike Campbell-Pitt of the GTS Technology sector, provides a glimpse into his Crawford & Company® career.

Name and title: Mike Campbell-Pitt, general manager of Greater China, managing director of Crawford® Hong Kong

Mike Campbell-Pitt

Mike Campbell-Pitt

Area of specialization: I have a degree in Mechanical Engineering and worked for a mining company in South Africa before moving to Hong Kong and starting my career in loss adjusting. When I arrived in Hong Kong, my focus was predominantly handling claims in engineering, machinery or construction. I have since taken on a much wider spectrum of claims involving complex property, business interruption, financial lines, liability matters and, in recent years, professional indemnity-type loss.

What is the most-prevalent type of technology-related claim you handle? Mostly they are related to water or fire damage to high-tech equipment. Involving the right specialists for repairs becomes critical to ensure the level of damage is mitigated the best way possible. Semi-conductor losses are also becoming more prevalent and require special expertise. Similarly, with the growth in cyber-related events, we are expanding our knowledge and expertise to deal with such claims at an accelerated pace.  Cyber has the potential to be the most-prevalent type of technology claim we will deal with in years to come.

How do Crawford’s specialized technology claims services set the company apart? Crawford has the world’s greatest geographical spread of claims professionals. We provide a quick response and the ability to service claims in most countries. Our network of colleagues helps identify the right expertise to bring onboard to assist with a new claim—even if those resources are halfway around the world. This, together with our own strong technical abilities, sets us apart from our competitors when dealing with technology-related matters.

What is your most memorable claims experience? Since I have handled such a wide variety of claims throughout the years, naming the most memorable experience is difficult. Managing a multi-million dollar complex loss involving a team of experts, local Insurers, reinsurers, and the insured itself and having everyone happy with the final outcome is a rewarding, memorable experience. However, it is often the day-to-day occurrences that make me happy—such as seeing the team grow, become more capable and receive praise for the work it has performed.

What is the biggest change you’ve experienced in the industry? It has become increasingly difficult to find and bring expertise into the loss adjusting profession. As capacity increases and a number of new insurers enter the market, the industry has become very price-sensitive. The time frame to respond to claims is becoming shorter and shorter, particularly with the emergence of cyber coverage. It’s become imperative to have the right expertise at your disposal and to understand the implications for these ‘new’ types of claims.

What is the best part of your job? I enjoy the diversity of the claims we handle and the experiences gained from them. As technology evolves, so do the types of claims we handle. I’m always learning something new.

What advice would you give to a new claims adjuster? Be open to opportunities, and take on all the interesting challenges that come your way. Claims are all so different. Even the smaller cases, which seem less important, can teach so much.

What are your hobbies? Mostly mountain biking and trail running. Hong Kong has a fantastic playground of country parks to enjoy and explore, right on my doorstep.

What was your first job? My first part-time job involved working in a toy shop during school vacations. It required a solid understanding of how the toys worked, so I had plenty of time to play around with the latest gadgets.

What or who inspires you? Those who take on a challenge, push the limits and achieve results.

What will you do once you retire? My role requires quite a lot of work-related travel but without enough time to really enjoy many of the destinations or visit the places I would like to see. Once I retire, I hope to continue travelling, spend more time on the trails, and enjoy more of the great outdoors.

Share a little-known fact about yourself: I have had my fair share of injuries and accidents while mountain biking. OK, that probably is not a little-known fact. However, it does makes me stronger and better.


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