Transfer to Australia Shows Mutual Commitment between Employee and Crawford®

Fionnuala Mullen recently transferred from Crawford UK to Crawford Australia

In October 2016, after 15 years working in the UK adjusting sector, Client Services Key Account Manager Fionnuala Mullen jetted off to Australia for a new career in the Southern Hemisphere.

The possibility to transfer from one part of the Crawford® family to another is a sign, she said, of a company investing in its people.

Fionnuala Mullen recently transferred from Crawford UK to Crawford Australia

Fionnuala Mullen recently transferred from Crawford UK to Crawford Australia

“I wanted to make a life change both personally and professionally,” explained Fionnuala, who’s the newest liability adjuster in the Sydney Crawford office after having worked her entire career in the UK and Northern Ireland. “I am keen to learn and develop my skills within the Australian liability adjusting market and bring my wealth of experience to clients in Sydney. Crawford has provided me an amazing opportunity.”

During the past two years, Fionnuala’s demanding, client-facing role supported major clients during surge periods, including the 2015 winter storms in Northern England.

“My challenge is to get back to adjusting and see where the role takes me,” she said. “I am extremely appreciative that Crawford continues investing in my career as I have always dreamed of working in Australia. In return, I will aim to become a valuable member of the Sydney team. I have no doubt there were other candidates for this position, so it’s a show of faith from both of us. If you demonstrate commitment, the company will help find a way to work abroad if possible.”

Mike Jones, chief operating officer, UK & Ireland, said, “I’m delighted to see Fi blazing a trail to Australia and wish her the very best in the next phase of her career. It’s especially pleasing for me because Fi worked with GAB Robins, and this is one of the benefits of being part of a global business. This opportunity wouldn’t have been available prior to the GAB Robins acquisition by Crawford.”

As the new beneficiary of Fionnuala’s experience, Asia Pacific CEO Andrew Bart echoed Mike Jones’ sentiment, adding that Crawford ultimately wins when it helps employees work for different parts of the company.

“It’s all about knowledge sharing,” said Andrew. “A number of UK recruits in the Asia Pacific region have been an outstanding success, including Karen Fagg, who joined us from Glasgow, and Ben Dolling, who transferred to the UK forensic accounting team and returned back to us in Australia. Both individuals demonstrate the incredible opportunities Crawford creates across the world.”

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