Broadspire® Creates Summer Internship Program

Danielle Lisenbey

by Danielle Lisenbey, Broadspire® president and CEO

Danielle Lisenbey

Danielle Lisenbey

Over the last year, I’ve been speaking about the importance of finding new talent to join our industry. We’re bracing for the fact that many of the risk and insurance industry’s top management will retire throughout the next few years. It has proven difficult to find entry- and mid-level employees to take the place of others moving up through the ranks and will require innovation on our part to fill open positions.

One way I’ve encouraged our industry leaders to become more active in recruiting is by reaching out to students on college campuses and offering programs, such as internships, to generate an interest in the various career fields available. This summer, we recruited 30 college students for internships in offices throughout the United States.

They are being given the opportunity to work in multiple departments so they can get a feel for the variety of tasks we do. In the morning they might be on the phone assisting a claimant, while in the afternoon they could be tasked with developing a marketing campaign for one of our services.

It’s an outstanding opportunity for the interns to appreciate what real-world experience is like and to get an idea of the wide range of opportunities within our business to develop a career.

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