Tips to Prepare for a Hurricane

How ready are you for a hurricane? Even if you don’t live near water, destructive winds, tornadoes and even dangerous flooding could affect you.

RamonBerk istockMay 15-21 is Hurricane Preparedness Week, and according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), it just takes one storm to change your life and community.

A hurricane season is a distinct time of year when tropical cyclones normally develop. According to, tropical cyclones include tropical depressions, tropical storms and hurricanes. The Earth is divided into these seven tropical cyclone seasons:

Since tropical cyclones are among nature’s most powerful, destructive phenomena, the NOAA suggests aiming yourself with education and preparing for one of these storms. NOAA has come up with a seven-day preparedness plan that includes:

  • Determining your risk
  • Developing an evacuation plan
  • Securing an insurance check-up
  • Assembling disaster supplies
  • Strengthening your home
  • Identifying trusted sources of information for a hurricane event
  • Completing a written hurricane plan

The Insurance Information Institute has its own Hurricane Season Insurance Checklist, which offers tips on ensuring homeowners and renters have adequate insurance coverage should their homes and property become destroyed or damaged during or after a hurricane.

Crawford® Catastrophe Services Available 24/7/365

Crawford Catastrophe Services, LLC (CAT), the insurance industry’s leading independent adjusting resources for claims management, responds to natural and man-made disasters. We have the largest, most experienced and credentialed field force in the industry. Our adjusters are on hand to handle hurricane-related claims all over the world and in 2015 published the White Paper, 10 Years after Hurricane Katrina: A Retrospective on Claims Handling. To download a free copy of this research paper, click here. It details what it was like to manage claims amid the devastation from the personal perspective of claims adjusters who worked in the catastrophe zone.

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