Crawford GTS®: Providing a Rock-Solid Foundation to Growing Claims Needs

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Flourishing Building and Construction Industry Leans on Our Heavy Lifters

According to MarketLine Research[1], the global construction industry’s 2015 expected worth topped $3 trillion—a greater than 30 percent increase in a five-year period. This burgeoning industry encompasses building housing, factories, schools, bridges and roads; and also includes setting up new sites, repair, maintenance and modification of existing structures.

Photo credit: PonyWang via

Photo credit: PonyWang via

Growth in building and construction brings an increased need for insurance claims coverage within the segment. Crawford Global Technical Services®’ technical adjusters have managed losses on major construction projects worldwide and possess relevant professional qualifications in areas such as accountancy, architecture, building, engineering, law and surveying. Our Building and Construction experts possess a high level of skill and experience that equips them to expertly evaluate the scope of loss, assess short- and long-term costs, and assist in the decision to build, rebuild or restore.

Every Client. Every Type. Every Cause. 

GTS’s work has encompassed loss management for virtually every major insurer and reinsurer on the most significant building and construction claims. Our people have helped resolve all types of construction and builder’s risk cases, from fires to floods to collapse, machinery faults, and terrorism.

GTS loss assessment and adjustment experience includes:

  • Collapse
  • Earthquake
  • Fire
  • Flood
  • Force majeure
  • High winds
  • Lightning
  • Product defect
  • Third-party damage
  • Vandalism
  • Wind

The Benefits of Crawford GTS

We fill the multinational risk and insurance community’s need for a team of experts with the experience and focus to evaluate and assess damages under extreme conditions. Crawford GTS has the commitment, skills, resources, technology and the experience required to meet the specific needs of each client.

For more information about GTS expertise in the GTS’s Building and Construction expertise, please contact Mike Reeves, executive vice president and head of GTS, at +44 (0) 207-265-4096.

[1] MarketLine is a business information company that produces reports of companies operating in various industry sectors worldwide.

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