Boss of Tomorrow Program Mentors Children

Anniek Straver and George Oostrom

Crawford® Netherlands Hosts Future Leader for the Day

Crawford & Company®’s Dutch colleagues found out what it was like to work for the Boss of Tomorrow as our Netherlands operation handed over the reigns in a unique mentoring project.

Anniek Straver and George Oostrom

Anniek Straver and George Oostrom

Fifteen-year-old Anniek Straver was one of 100 children in the Netherlands who took part in the JINC Boss of Tomorrow event on 28 January. JINC is a non-profit organisation that provides business experiences to help support young people from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Anniek, who was expertly mentored by Crawford Netherlands Vice Presidents George Oostrom and Rianne Baumann, spent the workday learning what it is like at the helm of an organization, such as Crawford.

“Anniek was an excellent addition to our leadership team, and we were delighted to have her at Crawford for the day,” George explained. “We were keen to understand how we can bring our expertise at Crawford to the attention of young people, and this was a great opportunity for us to do so.”

The Boss of Tomorrow leadership team carried out a range of duties, with Anniek conducting a brainstorming session to explain her ideas about what the business meant to her and why employment opportunities at a business like Crawford would be valuable to young people.

“I had some great feedback from George and Rianne,” Anniek said. “Crawford is a very professional organisation with a global footprint, and I was really impressed with what I saw. The experience will definitely help me when I’m deciding on a career.”

A JINC spokesperson said: “We’re grateful to Crawford, and particularly George Oostrom and Rianne Baumann. Every child has dreams and talents, but there are precious few role models, so the time they spent with Anniek is very important. JINC looks to give children a chance at a better future. They learn to apply for work, get acquainted with different professions and discover with a coach which job suits their abilities and talent.”

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