Getting to Know Crawford Global Technical Services® Specialists

Mark Jackson’s Aviation Know-how Proves Invaluable to Crawford Customers

Editor’s Note: This is the first post in an ongoing series featuring just a few of our many adjuster specialists who comprise Crawford Global Technical Services® (GTS™). This month, Mark Jackson, national general adjuster for the GTS  Aviation sector, shares some insights into his career with Crawford. Jackson, who’s based out of the London office, specializes in aviation hull losses.

Pension Rocks 2010Name and title: Mark Jackson, senior surveyor & adjuster

Area of specialization: Aviation hull claims

What is the most-prevalent type of Aviation-related claim you handle? General aviation hull claims, fixed wing and rotary

How does Crawford’s specialized Aviation claims services set the company apart? We have access to a variety of specialized adjusters within GTS—all of whom have a different area of expertise. For example, we can call upon our internal environmental adjusters to assist us in contamination claims resulting from an aircraft crash.

What is your most memorable claims experience? Throughout my 14 years in the aviation market, I have handled countless interesting losses resulting in many great stories! I will always remember certain losses because of the location and people involved—whether interesting, unique, or the loss led to be an adventure one normally wouldn’t experience. One of my first losses involved an experienced pilot of later years, who delegated certain tasks to his wife, who was not a pilot. She failed to lower the aircraft undercarriage before landing. After the aircraft was repaired, we had a long chat with the owner/pilot, suggesting he undertake all tasks when flying. Anyway, the next time he flew, which was without his wife, he forgot to lower the undercarriage and crashed again. Thankfully, all that was dented was his pride.

I have handled many losses in which I travelled a long way through certain West African jungles to arrive at base camp, only to be greeted by the camp doctor and a man sitting in a deck chair acting as security. When I enquired about this arrangement, I was advised that whilst the camp had an electric fence, the local wild life that included big cats and elephants rarely took notice and meandered through the camp site regularly at night. So if I heard the warning signal, it was best that I get out of bed quickly! You can imagine how well I slept during those losses!

What is the biggest change you’ve experienced in the industry?

The market capacity has expanded beyond initial predictions. This, combined with the industry’s continued safety record improvements, have resulted in a reduction in losses and a greater focus on revenue.

What is the best part of your job? Every loss has a different aspect, and you never know what will come out during your investigations.

What advice would you give to a new claims adjuster? Be patient because there’s a steep learning curve. Take lots of advice from seasoned adjusters. Adjusting and surveying are completely different from the engineering background of most aviation adjusters.

What are your hobbies? Music and golf

What was your first job? Aircraft engineer

What or who inspires you? I have a curious nature to find out how things work.

What will you do once you retire? Enjoy myself!

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