Crawford UK leadership grateful for team effort after floods

Crawford & Company’s UK & Ireland leadership recently took time to thank its many unsung heroes for their tireless efforts responding to Storm Desmond. Last week’s storm brought severe rain and flooding in areas that included Cumbria, parts of Lancashire and the Scottish borders.

Mike Jones

Mike Jones

Among those recognized for their hard work were adjusters who put ‘boots on the ground’ in the flood-stricken villages of Cumbria; and ClaimsAlert employees who manned the phones 24 hours a day in Manchester and Glasgow as hundreds of cases poured in from across the region.

Mike Jones, chief operating officer, UK & Ireland, travelled to Cumbria on 10 and 11 December after floods swept through the area. Jones, who visited homes and businesses in Carlisle, Penrith and Kendal, was shocked by what he saw. He shared his thoughts on Twitter and spoke of sadness and resilience of the people affected.

Turning his attention to the work of Crawford’s teams, Jones thanked the “fantastic effort” made by everyone who quickly responded to the Cumbria floods.

Storm Desmond causes flooding in the Cumbria area.

Storm Desmond causes flooding in the Cumbria area.

“The devastation in Carlisle, where I visited a loss with Marie Cameron (Crawford property executive adjuster), was quite shocking,” Jones said. This was the second time in a decade that many customers have been flooded out of their homes. I never fail to be both impressed and proud of colleagues as they threw themselves into the job of helping people find order from chaos created by the weather. If any client wanted an answer to the perennial question of, ‘Where do you add value?’ I would recommend they spend a few hours with a member of our team in Cumbria.”

Jones added that the ClaimsAlert service centres in Glasgow and Manchester worked “flat out” to contact policyholders.

“This is not always easy when employees are out of their homes and have no electricity to charge mobile telephones,” Jones continued. “Still, they arranged appointments and alternative accommodation; and located drying contractors, which entailed much more than a normal workload. At this point, nearly all of our customers have been visited or appointments have been made with them.”

The surge of claims has required teamwork from every element of the Crawford & Company UK network.

A country bridge is split in half after recent floods in the UK.

A country bridge is split in half after recent floods in the UK.

“Crawford Surveying Services has been out in force and as the event moves into its next phase, Contractor Connection will experience a much-increased workload,” added Jones. “Finally, the client relationship teams continue communicating with insurer and broker offices to relay our response and to receive feedback and special instructions.

“We are just beginning, and there is a huge amount of work still to do. However, this is our first surge as a combined business, and the early signs indicate that we have acquitted ourselves well and retain our focus of helping people affected by Storm Desmond.”

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