On the FrontLine Tackles Today’s Most-Prevalent Insurance Industry Issues

In October, Crawford & Company® launched its inaugural thought leadership magazine for clients, On the FrontLine. This global-reaching magazine serves as the first publication of its kind, offering ground-level, claims management insights from across the insurance industry, government and academia.

On the FrontLine offers the latest in risk management thinking and covers topics that are relevant to the industry today.

Articles look at various angles of important matters and aim to take readers as close as possible to the threats faced down deep in the trenches of a claim. We do this by speaking to those who are dealing with these situations on a daily basis, and offer their insight and expertise.

This flagship issue contains:

Taking Stock in Tianjin—the Tianjin explosions could be China’s most-costly manmade disasters, with claims expected to surpass $1 billion dollars

Medical Management—medical management services improve outcomes for injured workers and employers, ultimately reducing the cost of claims

When the Clock Starts Ticking—it’s essential to have a solid response strategy for the first 48 hours following a cyber attack and data breach

Dusting Off the Shop Window—put customers back at the heart of the claims process

Pandemic: A Plan of Action—recent outbreaks demonstrate the need for a different planning approach to meet the unique challenges posed by pandemics

4D: Disruptive Innovation—four industry experts offer their views on possible sources of disruptive innovation within the risk and insurance industry

Crawford has also launched the On the FrontLine microsite that hosts content from the magazine and provides an email sign up option; as well as archival system for all published issues. The site is accessible at: crawfordandcompany.com/onthefrontline.

Your feedback is welcome: What did you like about the magazine? What article did you find most interesting? What topic would you like covered in a future edition? Let us know in the comments section below.

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