Crawford GTS® Looking for Top Talent in the Northeast—You Could Be One of Them!


Crawford & Company® is seeking to expand its Global Technical Services® (GTS®) presence in the northeastern part of the United States and is looking for top, experienced technical talent. GTS currently has 14 adjusters in the region, stretching from Pennsylvania to Maine, with its largest presence in the New York area. We want to add top talent across the nation with a strategic focus in the Northeast.

Final_Crawford_GTS_Logo_287C_intranetCrawford Global Technical Services® (GTS®) is the company’s global solution for large, complex and specialty claims—these encompass a wide range of claims situations across a variety of Global Practice Groups. Overall, it has almost 500 of the world’s most experienced senior adjusters and industry specialists operating from 144 locations worldwide.

“As part of strategy to create a global GTS powerhouse, the Global Technical Services Americas division is in growth mode,” said Rich Lafayette, senior vice president and chief technical officer, GTS. “We are seeing increased demand from our clients to respond to their evermore complex claim needs in specialty areas—resulting in our search for some of the industry’s best and brightest.”

As part of its growth strategy, in 2014 Crawford merged its Specialty Markets and Global Technical Services units into an expanded GTS division to meet the specialized claims needs of clients worldwide. Specialty Markets was comprised of a group of services focused on serving Lloyd’s and specialist underwriting centers around the world. It offered services in the industry sectors of energy, marine, aviation, mining and forensic accounting.

Crawford GTS seeks qualified claims adjusters in the northeastern part of the U.S.

Crawford GTS seeks qualified claims adjusters in the northeastern part of the U.S.

GTS Executive General Adjusters (EGAs) typically handle some of underwriters’ challenging exposures. The company boasts some of the most experienced team members in the industry, with many having handled complex claims for more than 15 years. Those selected as possible candidates are often nominated based on their experience managing national and international accounts, direct loss handling, peer review, academic and professional credentials and thought leadership.

“GTS prides itself on the experience of its adjusters,” Lafayette continued. “Our team represents the best in the business, so it’s important that the candidates we consider have a similar background.

“Referrals from current adjusters are always welcome. Our employees are connected to the industry’s elite; it would therefore make sense that we would take their recommendations under serious consideration,” Lafayette said.

EGAs must have a sound, working knowledge of state and local jurisdictions as well as all requisite licensing. To maintain its high caliber of performance as well as compliance, GTS uses continuing education to ensure EGAs are proficient in what are often highly specialized fields.

Asked why GTS is choosing to focus its expansion on the Northeast, Rich said, “It makes sense logistically. Our New York office is strategically located to handle a large volume of claims within one of the most densely populated areas of the country, and the regional talent pool has some of the most highly qualified candidates available. It’s a win-win.”

Qualified candidates are encouraged to apply online for this opportunity at, and a member of our Talent Acquisition team will connect with you directly.

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