Crawford & Company (Canada) Inc., Grows its GTS® Team and Gets New Leadership

Last year Crawford merged its Specialty Markets and Global Technical Services® (GTS®) units into an expanded GTS division. Mike Reeves, executive vice president, GTS, was named to head up GTS in December 2014, to strategically direct the combined business globally.

Paul Hancock, GTS Canada

Paul Hancock, GTS Canada

Crawford Specialty Markets was comprised of the following specialty services focused on serving Lloyd’s of London and the International Adjusting market: Energy, Marine, Aviation, Forensic Accounting, and Mining. The combination of the two operations strengthened the large and complex claim capabilities of Crawford Global Technical Services (GTS), and offered the market a single solution to meet the claims needs of clients in these important niche areas and their insureds irrespective of location. GTS is Crawford’s definitive solution for large, complex claims, providing the highest level of world-class talent in the industry’s largest network to strategically manage losses around the globe. As just some examples, GTS handles factory fires and floods, environmental contamination, on and off-shore drilling rig catastrophes, hurricane-tornado-tsunami-earthquake damage, software breach of contract claims and many other types of large and complex losses.

Crawford & Company (Canada) Inc.’s Global Technical Services (GTS) division has provided its business partners with expert independent adjusting services on these types of losses for more than 20 years. Paul Hancock, vice president of GTS Canada, has been appointed to head the merged division in Canada. Paul’s appointment further enhances and strengthens the servicing capabilities of the high-performing and reputable GTS division, and aligns with its global strategy to establish GTS as a “powerhouse” industry leader in its field.

According to Paul, GTS has expanded its Canadian service offerings to incorporate cyber risk, forensic accounting and environmental services, aviation and energy, and it has further broadened its marine and cargo services capabilities through the addition of highly qualified surveyors who possess extensive cargo and hull loss expertise. “We are committed to providing innovative service solutions and bringing to the forefront new service offerings that address market demands,” he noted.

Paul reports to John Sharoun, the GTS CEO the Americas. John has more than 30 years of claims experience, half of which has been on the independent adjusting side of the business. He has been with Crawford & Company (Canada) Inc. since 1995 and was named CEO Global Technical Services – The Americas in February 2015.

See the Entire GTS Canada Team
GTS in Canada has added several new professionals recently, and globally GTS has added almost two dozen new, highly experienced regional and executive adjusters in well under a year, strengthening its team in several key regions, including North America and Latin America. An introduction to all of the Canadian GTS adjusters may be see in this short video here:

Paul added that: “At Crawford we are dedicated to offering our clients specialized services delivered by high-quality professionals. As testament to this commitment, our professional accreditation program, designed specifically for our GTS division, serves to ensure that we develop and obtain the finest professionals in the industry. As part of this program we have established set criteria for each level of accreditation, including size of loss, professional training, experience and education, contributions to thought leadership, and international exposure. This program, which was established in 2000 and has been developed strategically over the years, is not only a unique feature of our GTS division but also one of the most specialized and comprehensive accreditation programs of its kind.”

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