GTS® Strategic Loss Management (SLM) System

Editor’s notes: This post is one of a series of technology spotlights that introduces common technologies used in Crawford’s day-to-day operations.

Crawford Global Technical Services® (GTS®) is Crawford’s definitive global service for major incident claims handling, including catastrophic and complex claims, high value property and casualty claims as well as specific claims within a range of industries.

SLM Program Screenshot

SLM Program Screenshot

One GTS-related unique technology is Strategic Loss Management (SLM), a Web-based claim management tool that can significantly improve accuracy of data and streamline claims capture, analysis and monitoring. GTS SLM was developed in support of GTS Strategic Loss Management service offering and is Crawford’s response to market/client needs for increased collaboration and transparency in the management of large and complex losses. These types of claims often require extensive documentation and detailed analysis. Using SLM, adjusters, insurers, insured, and brokers can collaborate on and manage claim files, saving time and money for GTS and its clients.

SLM is designed to be easy to use, flexible, thorough, and save time, effort and money. Briefly, SLM is a password secured website-based claim management tool that allows adjusters and clients to:

  • Access all information provided to date in one place—information that is searchable, sortable and secure
  • Upload large files for information sharing
  • Real-time availability to claim analysis

A key feature of SLM is the Document Request List for managing claim documentation:

  • Combines all requests from the adjusting team into a single place eliminating request letters from experts
  • Prevents confusion over what materials have been provided
  • Tracks provided items that have been received and the items that are outstanding
  • Insert comments directly on the request list to communicate to the adjusting team or insured

SLM also has full-featured claims analysis tools that provide:

  • All claimed amounts are contained in one workbook with links connecting users to all supporting documents
  • Review of line-by-line analysis of claim
  • Commentary on differences between claimed and recommended amounts
  • Hyperlinks connect users directly to a .PDF of the relevant estimate, invoices, photographs, and other documentation types
  • Summary schedules give customized view by coverage code, vendor, and other classification criteria, etc.
  • One consolidated location for all claim components

SLM’s current capabilities are robust, and it will continue to evolve as a very effective tool for technical adjusters worldwide. If you would like to learn more about GTS technologies and capabilities, please visit its website,


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