When Your Home Needs Help, Who Do You Call?

This past winter brought a lot of weather-related damage to the U.S., often from extremely low temperatures and very heavy snow accumulation. Even milder spring weather can turn violent, with tornadoes, snow storms, hail storms and floods all fairly common during the transition to warmer weather; a recent example is the heavy flooding in Texas and several nearby states.

Contractor Connection can help fix your home.

Contractor Connection can help fix your home.

When bad weather strikes commercial and residential buildings there is always the possibility of some level of damage, ranging from light to complete destruction. If your home were damaged, do you know who you would contact first about repairing it?

Because Crawford assists in claims administration for businesses and individuals, you might think that our role is strictly limited to acting on behalf of insurers to manage a claim through to completion, when the payment is determined and sent to the insured and the claim file is closed. But Crawford can do more for those in need.

One part of the Company is Crawford Contractor Connection®. Contractor Connection manages a North American network of almost 5,000 independent contractors operating in the U.S. and Canada.  For the past five years, Contractor Connection has offered home improvement and repair services through its Consumer Services program.

For its program:

  • Its local contractor matching service is free.
  • All contractors back their work with a three-year workmanship warranty. If the contractor does not honor the commitment, Contractor Connection will assist in the resolution process.
  • Contractor Connection is available 24/7/365 to assist with emergency repairs.

Its network of expert contractors must meet the toughest industry standards to be part of the network and are held accountable with strict performance monitoring. All contractors and their employees undergo a criminal background check and have:

  • Proper licensing
  • Proper insurance
  • Financial stability

A number of Crawford employees also use Contractor Connection, and clients from across the country have commented on the service they received. [ßhttps://www.contractorconnection.com/Customer-Reviews]

If your house needs help, or if you just need a free estimate on work you’re considering, such as a renovation or expansion, consider contacting Contractor Connection.

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