Crawford Adjusters Rescue Two Dogs in Australia

In times of crisis, it would be normal to think that a claims adjuster is just a regular business person in a collared shirt and tie carrying out his or her job—and not an emergency first responder at the scene of disaster. However, by a stroke of luck, one of our adjusters was in the right place at the right time for some very irregular assistance for two distressed dogs in Rockhampton, Australia recently.

Australian dogs Ruby and Shelby

Australian dogs Ruby and Shelby

This past February, the country was hit by two major storms at almost the same time, tropical cyclones Marcia and Lam. Following the cyclones, Crawford adjusters from the UK have been in the country for several months to help in managing claims in Rockhampton, which is an outlying area of the Queensland coast. An early inspection of the badly damaged council (community public) swimming pools (that had been suggested by the Crawford team), resulted in the discovery of two dogs that were desperately keeping their heads above the algae-clogged water in a pool. Visibly distressed and suffering from fatigue, they could only have been minutes away from drowning in the cold pools!

Crawford’s team led by Mike Ballinger—and including insurer Aon’s representative—sprang into action and carefully pulled the cold, tired dogs from the water. Both dogs, Ruby and Shelby, had been missing for 36 hours but were reunited with their delighted owner and are now doing well, thanks to our team of fast-acting canine rescuers!

Crawford adjusters are used to helping people and businesses get back on their feet after disasters, but it isn’t often that their work is a matter of life or death.

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