An excerpt from Crawford & Company’s 2014 Annual Report focusing on Legal Settlement Administration

Following is the fourth and final in a series of excerpts from Crawford’s 2014 annual report. This post focuses on the news from our Legal Settlement Administration. Full copies of the annual report are available here


David Isaac

David Isaac

“GCG is a great company with a wealth of talent and resources at its disposal. We are an industry-leader because we never compromise on our commitment to service and to excellence in execution. In 2015, just as in prior years, we recommit to innovation, service and performance.” — David A. Isaac

Garden City Group, LLC (GCG) is a recognized leader in legal administration services for class action settlements, mass tort matters, bankruptcy cases and legal notice programs.For 30 years, clients and courts have entrusted GCG with the administration of the most complex class action settlements as well as high-profile bankruptcy and mass tort cases of national import. GCG has administered over 3,000 cases, processed tens of millions of claims, mailed more than  290  million notices, handled more than 29 million calls and distributed over $37 billion in compensation with demonstrated accuracy and efficiency. Our industry-leading service offerings include:

Class Action Services—technology-intensive legal administration services for law firms, courts, special masters, and corporations to expedite high-volume class action settlements

Bankruptcy Services—cost-effective, end-to-end solutions to manage bankruptcy administrations, as well as related reorganization and solicitation services

Mass Tort Services—customized case intake and settlement administrations for cases involving medical devices, pharmaceutical products, and toxic waste and environmental catastrophes

Corporate Back-Office Services—call center services and mailroom support for corporations with administration demands

Legal Notice Programs—national and international, multi-language legal notice programs

2014 marked yet another successful year for GCG, in which we continued to expand our influence in our industry. For the second year running, GCG was the only legal administrator to earn AICPA’s (American Institute of Certified Public Accountants) Service Organization Controls (SOC) 2 Report. This prestigious certification attests that GCG’s claims administration process controls are designed to meet the rigorous trust services criteria for all five of the AICPA’s Trust Service Principles.

From a leadership standpoint, we added accomplished communications, technology and finance experts to our Senior Management team, and Shandarese Garr, a 25-year GCG veteran, assumed the newly created position of Vice President, Diversity and Inclusion to direct and guide GCG’s focus in this important area. GCG continued to lead the market in significant matters across all of its service lines and to break into new areas of business that hold exciting prospects for the future. We anticipate continued success in 2015 as the trend toward larger global legal resolutions continues and as corporations outsource more of their back-office needs.

Executive Vice President and Chief Executive Officer, Garden City Group, LLC (GCG)

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