Adjusters Wanted Down Under

Cyclone Marica, February 20, 2015 Image by Naval Research Laboratory ( [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Following the destructive Cyclone Marcia striking Australia during this past February, three of Crawford®’s UK-based general property adjusters made their way down under to support clients in the clean-up process.

During March 2015, George Delorey, Helen Stanley and Nathan Holt

Cyclone Marica, February 20, 2015 Image by Naval Research Laboratory ( [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
Cyclone Marcia, February 20, 2015
Image by Naval Research Laboratory ( [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

were based in a small Central Queensland’s city called Rockhampton. The trio has been dealing with numerous claims for the region’s agricultural sector, tropical coastal resorts and mining industry.

Nathan talks about the consequences following the cyclone: “The damage we have seen has mostly been caused by strong winds. We’ve seen a huge range from the minor claims such as a simple dislodged TV antenna to the destruction of entire properties. We’ve also seen quite a significant amount of timber construction flattened by uprooted trees.”

However, Nathan says that following the wind, heavy rain caused a cascade of significant issues. “In one farming region, Marcia had caused the flooding of nearby rivers and the auto release of water from a dam once it had exceeded its normal capacity. This left hundreds of acres of farmland under several metres of water.”

George Delorey adds: “Rockhampton is the centre of the beef industry in Queensland, with farms and meat processing works everywhere, so the challenge of dealing with flooded farmland has been a problem for business owners after Cyclone Mercia. I’m delighted we were able to help some of them get back on their feet.”

Crawford’s adjusters have to embrace a taste for adventure as although the work they do in Australia

Queensland's coast

Queensland’s coast

may seem familiar, working so far from the comforts of home can prove to be a challenge.

Helen Stanley explains: “Thankfully we didn’t have any genuine brushes with venomous snakes or crocodiles, but we were warned to be vigilant by clients and local residents. It’s been a great experience to work overseas and I would definitely recommend it to other people within the Crawford group of companies.”

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  1. It’s devastating that such a cyclone hit Australia – hopefully posts like this will raise awareness so that they can get the adjusters they need. Thanks for sharing!


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