Crawford & Company®: A Place for Apprentices to Learn and Climb the Career Ladder in the UK


BBC News recently reported that the number of apprenticeships among 16 to 19-year-olds has decreased by 10,000 since 2010; the news story was based on a committee report by members of the British Parliament titled Apprenticeships and Traineeships for 16 to 19 year olds.

However, Crawford & Company® is embracing the opportunity to provide solid apprenticeship programs to ensure the insurance industry has talented and skilled professionals for future generations.

While Crawford & Company continues to invest in its established graduate recruitment program, the company has also identified apprenticeships as a vital component to the development of its business.

“Apprenticeships allow different personalities an opportunity to enter the industry,” says Pauline Holroyd, vice president, Human Resources, Europe, Middle East, Africa & Asia Pacific. “We look for a mix of skills and whilst we are keen to offer programs for university graduates, we are just as prepared to invest our time and resources to train youth through apprenticeships and traineeships.”

Providing a variety of ways to enter the insurance industry is also a means of delivering equal opportunities, adds Pauline. “Everyone learns in different ways, some prefer textbook support whilst others are hands-on and favor practical learning. In order to support our ambition to become a learning organization, we set up our Crawford College, which provides a platform for capturing knowledge and sharing it through e-learning.”

Apprentices coming into the organization will undertake training that incorporates professional exams through the Chartered Institute of Loss Adjusters or the Chartered Insurance Institute so that they obtain their CILA or CII Certificate as well as the NVQ in Providing Financial Services. Crawford & Company provides a considerable amount of support including revision workshops to help people pass their exams first time.

“The aim of this and the graduate program is to nurture potential future claims handling talent and equip them with the fundamental skills and knowledge needed to be a successful loss adjuster,” says Bill Keith, training manager, UK. “Everyone, including existing employees is invited to take advantage of Crawford College. We encourage our employees to develop their technical skills and knowledge by undertaking various professional exams and we will support everyone financially and through training workshops.”

Our vision, values and culture also play a part in the training and Crawford & Company encourages its apprentices to participate in improvement work to deliver the best possible service to customers.

Crawford’s commitment to continuous learning has been acknowledged by the Insurance industry too. Crawford won the Insurance Times Award 2014 for Training, Excellence & Impact, reflecting the success of its commitment to improve professional qualification success, including the continuation of apprenticeships through Crawford College.

If you are interested in undertaking a training program or finding out a bit more about Crawford College, please contact

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