Earth Day and Being Environmentally Professional

Crawford & Company would like to highlight Earth Day, April 22


Earth Day is a day to consider what each of us can do to help preserve our planet. We hope everyone is doing something in their life to respect and help preserve the natural environment.

Crawford has had sustainability programs in place for several years, from adding sustainability criteria into our purchasing policies, selecting vendors that offer eco-friendly solutions, to using fuel-efficient, lower emissions fleet vehicles. We have implemented programs to reduce energy consumption in our data centers and use audio and videoconferencing to reduce travel emissions from cars and planes. We also have in-office recycling efforts for materials such as paper. Our administrative and operational processes are carefully reviewed to potentially reduce our carbon footprint.

Did you know that we have consultants focused on the environment?

EcoCanadaRecently, Derek Smith, and environmental consultant in our Toronto-area Global Technical Services (GTS®) division, has successfully earned his Environmental Professional (EP) designation, which is accredited through ECO Canada. ECO Canada trains and certifies Canada’s environmental professionals. It maintains Canada’s premier online job board and training academy for environmental careers and sets the standards for certified Environmental Professionals (EPs).

As an EP recipient, Derek successfully demonstrated his knowledge of the National Occupational Standards in the realm of environmental protection, resource management, environmental sustainability, environmental management, environmental auditing and greenhouse gas reporting.

As a professional at Crawford, Derek’s successful attainment of the EP designation complements his background and previous expertise in site assessment, reclamation, water quality, residential fuel spills, transportation losses and property assessments. As part of his experience he has a thorough understanding of environmental regulations and working with various consultants and contractors in the field.

Congratulations on your achievement Derek—thanks for what you do for the environment!

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