CPCU Files: Why Did You Pursue the CPCU Designation?

Roughly two percent of individuals in the property and casualty insurance industry hold their CPCU designation, so it stands out as an achievement which is well-recognized and well-respected. Achieving it is a multiple-year investment of time and energy, and it could help to open career doors that otherwise might remain closed.

Some insurance professionals value education and know that they will personally reap the rewards of attaining the CPCU designation. For others, it’s about challenging themselves and continuing to work to improve their knowledge and understanding of the insurance industry. In this installment of CPCU Files, the below Crawford & Company employees share why pursuing the CPCU designation was important to them.


Setting and Achieving Goals

When Mark Waldman, compliance manager and 2014 CPCU designee, realized that only a very small percentage of individuals in our industry have the designation, the decision to seek his CPCU designation became a no-brainer. “By securing this designation, I can directly impact my future career opportunities,” he says. “As an added benefit, it was a great way for me to show my children how to set goals and to dedicate yourself to reaching those goals.”

Learning About the Business

Anita Drage, 2012 designee and vice president, Financial Planning and Analysis, says it was her lifelong love of learning that pushed her to go for the designation. “I have always enjoyed learning new things and in this case it was an opportunity to learn more about the insurance business.”

Becoming the Best

“I would like to become the best adjuster possible,” says Jeffray Hughes, multi-line adjuster, 2014 designee. “Therefore, the designation was another accomplishment that would lead me to this end goal.”

Valuing Education

For Mark Killion, Marine and Transportation product manager and Crawford’s CPCU champion, an informal role which serves as a liaison between The Institutes and Crawford, pursuing the CPCU designation was worthwhile because education is never a wasted endeavor. “When I started with Crawford (and for many years thereafter), I was still paying off my student loans from college, so I had a very real and concrete reminder every month of the value and cost of an education,” he says. “Thus, I immediately recognized the value of the education which Crawford supports and funds, be it through Crawford Educational Services or the various professional designations offered by The Institutes, such as the CPCU.”

Why did you choose to pursue the CPCU designation? Let us know in the comments below.

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