Top 5 TV Insurance Claims

How much would the insurance claim for the Downton Abbey fire have been? Would JR Ewing’s demand following the destruction of Southfork have resulted in a $40,000 monthly hotel bill? Crawford & Company’s U.K. Major Loss team calculates the cost of these and other small screen disasters.

Fire man_3TV directors and movie producers can be 100 percent relied upon to blow stuff up and set fire to things at some point in a story line. It’s a tried and tested formula and one we’ll no doubt see repeated.

But what if you were to imagine the recent fire in Lady Edith’s room at Downton Abbey was a real event or the total destruction of Southfork Ranch in 1983’s Dallas episode “Ewing Inferno” had actually happened?

After a combined 16 million British TV viewers witnessed the Downton blaze on the same weekend as Alfie Moon’s household arson on London-based soap opera EastEnders’ famous Albert Square, members of Crawford’s Major Loss Team took out their calculators and applied their encyclopedic knowledge of insurance policy wordings to assess the (hypothetical) damage.

Cleaning up the Dark Knight’s mess

“Back in 2012, GQ magazine approached Crawford to find out what the cost would have been if all the damage Bane causes to Gotham City in the Dark Knight Rises, were properly insured,” says David Damsell, Head of Corporate & Major Incident Team, at Crawford & Company. “We chalked all that destruction up to a cool $30.2 billion and since then it’s become quite a habit of ours to chew over these puzzles.”

“After the Downton fire hit TV screens, we thought it would be good to come up with a top five list of TV insurance claims. The main reason we’re sticking to the small screen in this episode was because any Hollywood list would probably comprise one [Transformers Producer] Michael Bay film after another…”

So, without any further ado, here is the latest Crawford & Company Major Loss Fictional Insurance Claims Countdown: Top 5 TV Insurance Claims.

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  1. Ralph Savage // October 23, 2014 at 10:52 am // Reply

    Reblogged this on Insurance Edge.


  2. My company actually did some fire cleanup on one 4th Transformers Movie


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