The Crawford Sales Transformation

manny-lauria-hiresThe primary businesses of Crawford & Company are claim services, business process outsourcing and consulting, which form the Crawford SolutionSM. Fundamental to each of those technical functions is the professional and personal relationships with clients and prospects that really enable success. The Crawford Sales Transformation is the adoption of a consistent methodology to engage, retain and grow our client relationships and revenue. By recognizing the importance of relationships, we develop a wider view of what sales is truly about. “Sales” is not just the domain of those who have a sales or marketing title on their business cards. Rather, sales are driven by everyone who has any impact on a prospect’s or client’s perception of Crawford before, during or after the sale.

The Transformation is about adopting a client-centric mindset and driving success through rigorous research. The methodology provides leading indicators that monitor and measure the impact of defined activities and knowledge in winning opportunities, in addition to offering teachable and repeatable behaviors for us to adopt. Focusing on the leading indicators ensures we are doing the right things at the right time to achieve the desired revenue outcomes.

A fundamental aspect of the Transformation, the One Crawford Sales Methodology concentrates on conceptual selling, strategic selling and large account management process. I am proud of the work and the progress of our sales and account management teams as we have worked our way through this process. Together, we have formed a strong team, with a common language and a mutual goal. We are positioned for growth and success as a global organization.

Your Crawford experience is important to us – whether you are a prospect or a current client, we want our interactions to be positive, productive experiences that result in successful outcomes for everyone involved.

How is the Crawford Sales Transformation affecting you?

Manny Lauria, EVP, Global Client & Business Development

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