On the Ground with Greg Gladwell at the Somerset Levels

Pictured – left to right: Steve Smout and Greg Gladwell

Pictured – left to right: Steve Smout and Greg Gladwell

After months of winter storms across the U.K., Greg Gladwell, chief executive officer, U.K. and Ireland, Crawford & Company, spoke to Claims World about his experiences shadowing adjusters in some of the hardest-hit regions of the country.

Greg makes a point of spending time “at the coal face” with Crawford adjusters as they visit properties and help customers on their way to resolving claims. Now as the flood waters have fully subsided, he explains that one of the areas hardest hit by flooding – the Somerset Levels – has received vital support from Crawford teams.

“I was joining one of our adjusters, Steve Smout, major loss adjuster, on a trip to the Somerset Levels in early March, where Moorland hamlet was just opening up after the flood waters subsided,” Greg notes. “It was rather like a war zone. Steve took control of the situation and gave customers clear time frames on next steps and advice that addressed their concerns.

“I’ve oversimplified a very complex and traumatic situation, but rest assured it was very impressive. Steve is managing a good number of similar claims in Moorland and is a key part of getting this community up and running. I must also mention there are other adjusters, surveyors and contractors who are working closely with Steve or on similar claims who I did not meet, but about whom I also received equally great feedback.”

Despite the fact that bad weather has dominated many headlines this winter, Greg adds that his shadowing exercise didn’t only look at major flood losses. “I also went out with Catherine Cooper, general property adjuster, on an escape of water claim which proved to be a surprisingly tricky situation,” says Greg. “We had been called in because the customer had been let down by another adjuster. I have to say that Catherine was superb, and the customer was very pleased with Crawford at every step of the way.

“These two claims were at either end of the scale of what we do, but both similar. Both Catherine and Steve were professional, timely, expert and caring and I was proud to be even loosely associated with what we were doing,” Greg concludes.

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