Broadspire® and BASF Team Up at the 2014 Integrated Benefits Institute Forum

Danielle_Lisenbey_Broadspire_CEOFor any organization, it’s easy to get caught up in running the day-to-day operations, sales, services and other aspects of the business that keep a company growing and moving forward. This requires countless hours and a monumental amount of energy. However, it’s also important to make the time to participate and contribute as an active member of our industry — idea sharing with our clients and peers is key to continuously coming up with new ideas and improving our performance.

That’s why I am honored that a team from Broadspire, led by our Chief Medical Officer Dr. Jacob Lazarovic, was chosen to speak at this year’s Integrated Benefits Institute (IBI) 2014 Annual Forum in San Francisco, alongside our client BASF. The IBI was established in 1997 as an independent nonprofit organization in health and productivity that provides data, research and tools to professionals to make sound decisions in how they invest in the health of their workforces. Organizations such as IBI are critically important in our industry as they can make a significant positive impact on the well-being of workers. This annual event is an opportunity for meaningful dialogue on how we can develop the best solutions for health, productivity and absence management across the industry.

Our team’s session was entitled “How BASF Tapped the ‘Power of Choice’ to Keep Employees from Being Lost in the Maze of Absence Management and Disability Programs.” It was focused on how Broadspire and BASF worked to provide solutions benefitting both employer and employees in the navigation of their absence management and disability program. One of the things I’m most proud of is the way the team worked hand-in-hand with our clients at BASF to strategize — and execute — the best plan for its specific needs. We look forward to sharing more successes, as well as learning about what our peers are doing well, so we can identify best practices and provide our clients with ever more innovative solutions.

Danielle Lisenbey, executive vice president and CEO, Broadspire 

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