6 Ways to Avoid Burnout (INFOGRAPHIC)

It’s no secret that claims adjusting can be a highly rewarding career, providing adjusters the opportunity to help people when they most need it. But with great reward comes great risk, and claims adjusting also has the potential to be a high-stress, high-turnover, high-burnout job.

“The Bureau of Labor Statistics identifies burnout as inherent in the stressful nature of claim adjusting processes,” says Lee Fogle, vice president of Insurance Services Office in an article on PropertyCasualty360.com. “High case loads are compounded by pressures to meet increasing regulatory requirements and by performance standards that often involve excessive clerical tasks.” Coupled with a career that requires mental and physical stamina and often long, irregular hours, it can make for a challenging work situation, even if you love what you do.

The infographic below has tips for how to avoid job stress and burnout, for adjusters and for those in other professions. Whether you’re currently experiencing the signs of burnout, or just hoping to prevent them, you’ll find value in these tips.

Six Ways to Avoid Burnout

Source: TheSimpleDollar.com

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