Crawford ClaimsAlert® Team Excels During Winter Storm

claims alertDuring the most recent winter blast of snow and ice in Atlanta, the Crawford world headquarters and the rest of the city was shut down for more than two days. While most employees could stay warm and dry in the safety and comfort of their homes, it was ClaimsAlert®’s, U.S. team members who rose to the challenge to maintain 24 x 7 contact center operations for our clients.

In advance of the storm, key team members in ClaimsAlert packed their overnight bags and prepared to tough it out for the duration of the storm. Employees navigated through irregular MARTA train service to make it into the center both days during the severe weather conditions and worked extended hours, providing much needed assistance and relief. The team members pictured worked nearly around the clock, servicing our clients, who were calling in with new claims or with questions on their existing claims from all over the country. Emergency claims and adjuster call outs were worked immediately, without delay. Our busy after-hour call volumes for many insurance companies was handled as normal. Contact was made with key clients, keeping them advised of our status and of our overflow plan to route calls to the ClaimsAlert, Canada center, if necessary. Centralized case creation for U.S. Property & Casualty and electronic claims were handled by remote agents effectively, meeting all service level goals.

The team rose to the challenge and allowed ClaimsAlert, U.S. to maintain our 24 x 7 operations and provide superior customer service, regardless of the inclement weather conditions. Thanks to all of the dedicated members of ClaimsAlert who were able to assist during this severe weather event!

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