5 Things We Love About Adjusting

love my jobSome might think that there’s not a lot to love about claims adjusting. By definition, it is the investigation of insurance claims to determine the extent of the insured company’s liability. While that may seem mundane, claims adjusting can be a career that inspires passion and excitement in many who experience it. In honor of Valentine’s Day, some of our tried and true claims adjusters commented on what gives them the warm and fuzzies about claims adjusting.

Helping People

To its core, claims adjusting is a business about aiding people, often during their greatest time of need. “I love to help people put their lives back together after a traumatic event.  Some of the best parts of my job are teaching new adjusters and meeting people from all over the world.” – Linda Asberry, claims adjuster and supervisor, Catastrophe Services in Houston, Texas

Flexible Schedule

Typically, adjusters make their own hours and have the flexibility to design a schedule that works for them. Don’t feel like going on the road today? No problem, just work from home and catch up on paperwork. “My favorite thing about my work is having the freedom to organize my own work schedule, calendar and agenda for each day, for the most part. Also, being able to be on the road part of the time and in the office part of the time is a nice mix.” – Harry Rinehart, casualty general adjuster II in Allentown, Pa.

Challenging Work

Combining both physical and mental challenges along with different tools, software and skills required to complete the job, adjusting is an interesting and stimulating line of work. “The favorite part of my work is on-site field work with the challenge of resolving damage issues, coordinating experts, determining damage restoration scope and costs and providing resolution recommendations to the market clients.” – Bill Stewart, national general adjuster in Jacksonville, Fla.


Claims adjusters face all kinds of working conditions, from routine property claims to catastrophic events, ensuring no two days are alike. The opportunities for learning and specialization are limitless, so adjusters can tailor their careers to their different interests and talents. “The best part of being an adjuster is the variation of what you are doing each and every day.  There is no standard routine.” – Brian Emberton, national general adjuster, Global Technical Services in Atlanta, Ga.

The Great Outdoors

From skiing to and from an accident site to driving from city to city, adjusters can spend a good portion of their time on the road and outside investigating claims. “As an adjuster, my favorite part of the job was the outside activity and investigation. I liked meeting people from all walks of life and the variety of claims.” – Landy Bownds, service center manager in New Orleans, La.

What do you love about your job? Let us know in the comments below.

1 Comment on 5 Things We Love About Adjusting

  1. viransehnaz // April 22, 2014 at 8:18 am // Reply

    I love the challenges of policy coverage interpretations and case-law studies.


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