New Broadspire Service Helps Workers Globally

BSI international case coordinationWhen Broadspire was presented with an international challenge – assisting in moving a paralyzed worker out of a skilled nursing facility in New Jersey and back into his own home over 4,000 miles away across the Atlantic Ocean in Poland – they rose to the occasion. The endeavor, which took nearly a year to complete, included home modifications, purchase of equipment and securing home care services in the local medical community. But how was this U.S.-based team able to take their industry-leading expertise to a global stage?

“We could not have done this move logistically, medically or emotionally without our partner, Crawford Poland,” says Donna Reina-Fleming, senior nurse reviewer, Broadspire, who functions in the capacity of a project manager, serving as the liaison between the client and Broadspire’s international team, wherever they may be. For this case, the Broadspire team worked in conjunction with Robert Pazikowski, senior loss adjuster, Crawford Poland, who provided local support. “Broadspire is able to conduct international case management by partnering with our global offices around the world,” says Reina-Fleming. “Working as a team has proven to be successful for our clients.”

Bringing together two different business units in a very unique way, Broadspire’s International Case Management program leverages internal expertise in providing case coordination, including onsite and telephonic consultation, medical management services and medical cost analysis, as well as the worldwide Crawford footprint, providing case coordination on any continent and in any country. “The business was developed out of need,” says Reina-Fleming. “Our clients reached out to us for assistance around the world, and our Vice President Daad McGovern listened to the request of clients and acted promptly with resources within the organization. This in turn, was the birth of a very exciting and innovative program.”

Complex international cases involving U.S. employees working abroad—or international employees working in the U.S.—require special expertise and attention. From vocational rehabilitation to repatriation of injured employees, Broadspire’s dedicated international case managers can assess each individual situation and develop solutions on a case-by-case basis.

What do you think about Broadspire’s International Case Management program? How could it be expanded or changed to be even more beneficial to injured workers on a global scale?

2 Comments on New Broadspire Service Helps Workers Globally

  1. Congratulations to U.S. team and Robert!


  2. Daad McGovern // June 29, 2014 at 8:10 am // Reply

    We are very proud of our international senior nurse reviewers and their commitment to the success of this program.


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